Michael Leibson

music analyst

litigation consultant on copyright infringement actions


EMI Publishing

Artists & Recordings

1993 Kim Stockwood Blame Me, Some Kinda Lovin', Love Don't Make It Right, I'd Like To Meet A Man (singles)

BMG Music Canada

Artists & Recordings

1990 Bang On, Heart Stand Still (singles)
1988 Just A Little Doll, Teenland (singles)
1987 New Regime Is It Really Love, When Will I See You Again, The Race, Love And Satisfaction, Take It Or Leave It, Catch Fire, Where The Heart Is, Terminal City, Let It Loose, It's Alright, Wild Eyes (singles)

Sunbury/Dunbar Music Canada

Artists & Recordings

1986 New Regime New Regime (album)
Bill Mueller (9 singles)

See The Light/Pangaea Music House

Artists & Recordings

1990 Jeff Healey You Got Me Running, Highway Of Dreams (singles)

Axe Music Group

Artists & Recordings

1990 T. Northcott The Trouble With Love (single)

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